The International Day of Water Resources

Today, we mark the International Day of Water Resources, a crucial element without which life is reduced to zero. Water conditions the habitats of fauna, flora and humans species. Back in 2012, the BIOTICA Ecological Society began its collaboration with the Austrian Development Agency , with the help of which, to date, it has implemented and continues to implement a series of projects aimed at protecting aquatic ecosystems and water resources in the Lower Dniester Ramsar Site, as well as the adaptation

Most clean and green village of the Lower Dniester

During March-April 2020, within the project “Promoting the example of strategic cooperation between the main local actors in solving the environmental problems of the “ Lower Dniester ” Ramsar Site”, a contest was organize for the “Most clean and green village from all 13 localities of the Lower Dniester. The primary objective of the project was to contribute to the conservation of the local landscape by involving the main actors in solving local problems. The specialized commission that evaluated the results

Clean river from village to village 2020

The contest “Clean river from village to village” is already a traditional activity for our country, in which once there were over 3500 small rivers and streams. Thousands of volunteers have participated in clean up events and arrangement works since this contest. Within the project “Promoting examples of strategic cooperation between the main local actors in solving environmental problems in the Ramsar Area” Lower Dniester “” implemented by the Ecological Society “BIOTICA” with the support of the Small Grants Program GEF

The sub-basin committee “Old Dniester”

On May 14, together with our colleagues from EcoContact, we held the meeting in Răscăieți village from Stefan-Voda district, to establish the sub-basin committee “Old Dniester” At the meeting with the mayors and their representatives from Răscăieţi, Talmaza, Grădinița, Cioburciu, Popeasca and Palanca, we discussed all the ecological and climatic problems and threats of the sub-basin of the ”Old Nistru Stiubei LimanI n order to be able to contribute together to solve those problems, as well as to apply the integrated