The contest “Clean river from village to village” is already a traditional activity for our country, in which once there were over 3500 small rivers and streams. Thousands of volunteers have participated in clean up events and arrangement works since this contest.
Within the project “Promoting examples of strategic cooperation between the main local actors in solving environmental problems in the Ramsar Area” Lower Dniester “” implemented by the Ecological Society “BIOTICA” with the support of the Small Grants Program GEF – UNDP, we held this special competition between the 13 localities in the area.
After informing the citizens and the local public administrations, we started to monitor the condition of the water bodies in the localities and from here we also discovered the attitude of the administration and the population towards the water they have in the locality.
After the mayors of the localities voted based on the videos watched, which of the localities has the most arranged water bodies, the winners of this contest were on:
The 1st place was occupied by Răscăieți Commune
The 2nd place belonged to the village of Copanca, Causeni
And the 3th Place to Palanca village, Stefan Voda
Răscăieți benefited from the replacement of the old type electric bulbs with the led type ones at a budgetary institution in the locality.
Copanca received a net to stop the spread of garbage on the landfill.
For Palanca, a set of information panels on environmental protection has been developed
Here:, below you can see the most important water bodies in all localities of the area.