At the general meeting with the villagers and landowners from Grădinița village, Causeni district, held on March 19, the agreement, according to which the locals approve of their lands to be included in the future “Lower Dniestr” National Park, has been approved.
Grădinița is the first village to adopt this decision, the agreement being necessary to grant the area the status of a National Park. The local public administration as well as the people from the village of Grădinița have participated in several discussions about the opportunities and benefits of the creation of the “Lower Dniestr” National Park. During the general meeting, once again the main aspects related to the creation of the National Park were put on the agenda, the emphasis being placed on the conservation of the biodiversity and natural resources of the region.
The general meetings with the villagers and landowners will also take place in the other 12 villages situated on the right bank of the Dniester River in the Ramsar area “Lower Dniester”.