During March-April 2020, within the project “Promoting the example of strategic cooperation between the main local actors in solving the environmental problems of the “ Lower Dniester ” Ramsar Site”, a contest was organize for the “Most clean and green village from all 13 localities of the Lower Dniester. The primary objective of the project was to contribute to the conservation of the local landscape by involving the main actors in solving local problems.
The specialized commission that evaluated the results of the contest designated Palanca locality, Ștefan Vodă district, as the winner. As a reward, the system for heating domestic water from solar energy was installed. This equipment will allow the culture house to be hot water without paying for its heating.
The second place was occupied by Cârnățeni, Căușeni district, which received two sets of dumpsters for the selective garbage collection. And the 3rd place in this contest was occupied by Purcari, who received 4 tanks for the accumulation of rainwater for the need to manage state institutional buildings.
The project was implemented by the Ecological Society “BIOTICA” within the Program of Small Grants Program GEF – UNDP in February 2020-February 2021 in 13 localities in the “Lower Dniester” Ramsar Site”