Lower Dniester Ramsar Site is located in the south-eastern part of the Republic of Moldova, 8 km south of Bender and 40 km away from Odessa near the village of Palanca. The center of the area is Crocmaz village, whose coordinates are 46o37’54’’north latitude and 29o40’10’’ eastern longitude. The area includes the territory of 4 localities from the eastern part of Causeni district (Copanca, Gradinita, Plop-Stiubei, Carnateni) and 9 villages from northern and eastern Stefan-Voda district (Popeasca, Talmaza, Cioburciu, Rascaieti, Purcari, Olanesti, Crocmaz, Tudora, Palanca), a part of the territory of Slobozia distrit on the left bank of the Dniester River. The teritory is neigbouring to Odessa region of Ukraine to the east, south and south-east.

The territory is easy to get, the distance from Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, on the Chisinau – Anenii Noi – Causeni – Belgorod-Dnestrovsk road is 75 km to the northern border of the site and 100 km to the center (Talmaza village), and up to the border with Ukraine (Palanca village) is 156 km.

The distance from the Odessa (Ukraine) on the route passing through Maiaki Customs to the south-east border of the area is 60 km, to the center – 110 km. The distance from Belgorod-Dnestrovsk to the southern border of the area is 40 km through the “Starokazacie” Customs, and to the center are 85 km.

The distance from Causeni to the border of the area – 10 km, to the center – 25 km. The distance from the Stefan-Vodă to the border of the area is 5 km, to the center of the area – 15 km. The only geographic obstacle for access to this territory is the Dniester River and its branch which is the northeastern border of the site.