Today, we mark the International Day of Water Resources, a crucial element without which life is reduced to zero. Water conditions the habitats of fauna, flora and humans species.
Back in 2012, the BIOTICA Ecological Society began its collaboration with the
Austrian Development Agency , with the help of which, to date, it has implemented and continues to implement a series of projects aimed at protecting aquatic ecosystems and water resources in the Lower Dniester Ramsar Site, as well as the adaptation of rural infrastructure to climate change. Over the years, together we have conducted studies to build water locks, groves, ecologically rebuilt and afforested water protection strips, built water towers, water supply systems and even sewerage. We refilled the old Dniester riverbed with water, after it was cleaned. We are closely connected to water, because without water neither biodiversity nor community can exist. Water resources must be protected from pollution and used rationally, otherwise we risk losing our living conditions altogether.