On April 9, we had the pleasure to witness the official inauguration of the first water reservoir, part of the water supply system of Talmaza.
After the construction of the new water reservoir, more than 7,000 people have gotten access to better quality drinking water and better water pressure. Until now, locals didn’t have access to water at all, however, now they can fully enjoy this feature, using water heaters in their houses, washing machines, a thing that couldn’t be imagined until recently. The works were carried out within the project “Climate change adaptation and resilience measures and institutional development in the Ramsar area “Lower Dniestr”, with the financial support of the Austrian Development Agency and the Talmaza City Hall (90/10).
Apart from the social infrastructural components developed in the 13 villages from the region, the project also includes plantings of the degraded areas of the region, with the mission to protect the soil, fauna and flora in the Ramsar area “Lower Dniestr”.