On May 14, together with our colleagues from EcoContact, we held the meeting in Răscăieți village from Stefan-Voda district, to establish the sub-basin committee “Old Dniester”
At the meeting with the mayors and their representatives from Răscăieţi, Talmaza, Grădinița, Cioburciu, Popeasca and Palanca, we discussed all the ecological and climatic problems and threats of the sub-basin of the ”Old Nistru Stiubei LimanI n order to be able to contribute together to solve those problems, as well as to apply the integrated management of water resources, we set up the sub-basin committee “Old Dniester” within the Administration Board of the Ramsar Wetland “Lower Dniester”, whose members are also finded in the committee.
The president of the committee was elected Mr. Eugen Pruteanu and the vice-president: Mr. Nicolae Grosu. The committee secretariat is provided by EcoContact in partnership with Biotica.
The activity took place within the project “Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Measures and Institutional Development in the Ramsar Site” Lower Dniester “, implemented by SE BIOTICA and AO EcoContact and financed by ADA, from the Austrian Development and Cooperation program